WordCamp Indonesia 2013 Call for Participation

WordCamp Indonesia on WordPress



If you are a WordPress enthusiasts, everyone from casual end users all the way up to core developers, you area invited to submit an outline proposal to lead session, panel discussions, and tutorial at WordCamp Indonesia 2013.

Conference participants want to hear about real-world scenarios using WordPress, about ways they can be more productive, or write better code. Keep in mind that we need sessions in for attendees with a variety of skill levels.

Even if you’re not one for public speaking, feel free to suggest speakers, topics, or technologies you think we should explore or wish you knew more about.

Who’s the person you’ve always wanted to see speak?
Please let us know by e-mailing us at indonesia at wordcamp dot org

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About Onnay Okheng

Hola, I'm Onnay. Also I'm Freelancer also SocialTechPreneur. Wordpress Themes and Plugins Developer, WordPress eCommerce Developer. Founder of Nesia, UKM Store. Let's Sharing and Dreaming.

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